PALM CITY is the name of the latest SUPERBLOCK project from BINAKARYA GROUP. Palm City is present in an area located in the area of west Jakarta, is a residential area with strategic location, more complete facilities, comfortable and beautiful residential area.

Another prestigious development by :

PT. Satwika Permai Indah is a residential developer (Property) which has been operating for more than 20 years and located in Pegadungan – Kecamatan Kalideres – West Jakarta.

The company has successfully developed a residential area known locally as “TAMAN SURYA” (consisting of Taman Surya 2, 3, 5, and Taman Surya Apartment). Along with company development and time travel, currently PT. Satwika Permai Indah has undergone a fundamental change with the changes in the composition of shareholders (owners) and the new management structure (management).

Ownership and management of PT. The new Satwika Permai Indah is currently majority owned by a business group known as BINAKARYA GROUP which has experience and ability to develop various property projects (housing, town house, apartment, hotel, etc.)

in various locations. In addition, the shareholders and administrators are also supported by the leaders who are included in Taman Palem Group and have successfully developed the area around Taman Surya Park (Taman Palem Group). With the experience, capability, teamwork and wide network of new management, fore PT. Satwika Permai Indah is believed to be stronger and growing much better, and able to produce products that are full of high innovation, guaranteed quality and profitable prospects.

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